Glacier skiing and free riding on “Mölltaler Gletscher”, the Mölltal glacier

High alpine winter experiences during your winter holidays in Carinthia

During your winter holidays every moment counts if you can spend it on your boards. Start directly into your snow pleasure from your hotel room in Weissseehaus onto the ski slope of the Mölltal glacier in front of the door. You see: Even beyond the tree line, you will do not need to miss the comfort of a hotel.

As an avid alpine skier you can look forward to nine lifts and 72 slopes of varying difficulty. While spring weather already dominates everywhere else, you can still enjoy untroubled winter fun Mölltal glacier: A one hundred percent guarantee of snow until May – this is the promise we deliver!

Insiders’ tip for free riders : Mölltal glacier (“Mölltaler Gletscher”)
As a very hot tip for free riders and deep-snow enthusiasts: Enjoy downhill riding in Gastein valley, Rauris valley or back to the Mölltal glacier railways: A highlight of a skiing day with a difference in altitude of over 1,600 meters.

Since the routes are in high alpine terrain, safety is top priority. Rely on decades of expertise of an experienced mountaineer: Your host Peter Zraunig will share helpful tips with you for your safe free riding pleasure.

High alpine winter vacations in Carinthia
All the necessary equipment for your safety is provided: In your holiday home you will find everything you need for your off-piste snow adventure.
Mountain guide Peter Zraunig knows the high alpine terrain as well as his home. He is here to help you with words and deeds.

Are you ready to strap on your boards right after waking up? In Weissseehaus you are in the right place. Located directly in the ski region Mölltal glacier, you can fully enjoy your skiing holiday from the very first until the last moment.

In our comfortable rooms you will enjoy a cozy atmosphere in 2,380 meters above sea level. Choose your desired holiday date today.